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Eystreem Store

In order to join the Minecraft server, you will need to be a Channel Member of Eystreem, otherwise known as an EyFan. In order to verify your account, you will need to visit the Membership Account page, and sign in using your YouTube account. From there, you will be able to enter the Minecraft username (Java or Bedrock) that you want to get whitelisted.

For clarity, all the data we collect will be used to verify your account, check your membership status and tier, and to automatically whitelist you on the server. For further clarity, you can view our Privacy Policy

Bedrock Users
If you're looking to purchase something from our store, and you're a Bedrock player, please remember to prefix your username with an underscroll (_). For example, if my Bedrock username was "Gianluca", I would enter "_Gianluca". This is just the utility system that we use to distinguish Java and Bedrock players.
Please Note
Please note that all purchases made to Eystreem Pty Ltd are 100% final, due to their digitial nature, they cannot be refunded. In the event of a chargeback or refund attempt, your account will automatically be banned on our server, and there will be no option to appeal. Before making any purchases, ensure that you have the card holders direct permission.
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